Agility is strategic asset

Lean or agile organizations is what Agility signifies. Acoording to the Agile Manifesto what this means for organizations is a successful focus on interactions between people, cooperating with customers, incorporating changes in stead of following a plan, respecting people and especially also functioning products are more important than documenting them.

We translate this to more focus on customer, product, team and power to change. Being able to quickly anticipate and embed changes becomes the new strategic and core competence of organizations and their people.

Everywhere agile initiatives arise. Suppliers recommend their services and methods to make organizations agile, to develop agile visions. With scrum as most well-known and most applied by far.

What makes an organization Agile? Agile organizations

  • do not collapse easily as a result of unexpected and unforeseen changes. They are robust yet fast-moving;
  • deliver products and projects much sooner to stakeholders for verification and inspection in order to in that way for instance be able to adjust (gov) or to stay ahead of your competitor;
  • organize an agile chain of policy and delivery: no longer working according to a waterfall model and the thinking that goes with it, but “vertical slicing” and incremental thinking and working;
  •  work finally with self-steering teams of experts that determine the “how”;
  •  have leaders that dare prioritize and extract value from their (scrumming) organizations;
  •  have leaders that dare to cut back on deadlines time and again.

So Agility means a radical U-turn of the organization. Not controlling the now with lean/prince2/efficiency methods but being able to cushion the unexpected and creating value from it is what it is about. Why? …next blog!



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